Our Story

The project started in the most unexpected of ways. A Citizen’s Workgroup (CWG) led by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), brought 50 participants from diverse backgrounds to think of ways to increase demand for local produce. The proposition was clear, if we spured demand, the farm industry could scale and help the country reach 30% local production of nutritional needs by 2030. 


The LoveSGmums meal was selected for pilot and on 18 March 2022, meals using local produce would be served at the maternity ward of Thomson Medical Centre. Beyond converting mums to eat local produce, we wondered what else we can do during the process to bring more meaning to the project. This is when www.lovesgmums.com was created.

About Us

Mums are the pillars of our community and as self-sacrificing leaders holding our families together. They should never feel alone. 


The LoveSGmums platform is all about mums.

Dedicated to addressing the physical and mental well-being of mums, the LoveSGmums team seeks to provide mums with knowledge, support, and opportunities for self-love. 


We begin our first conversation with mums through a great meal and aim to extend this into further conversations and a lasting relationship through our app.

What we hope to achieve

The modern woman is a highly empowered one. From working, creating life, parenting, and handling household matters, it is life amidst love and happiness traveling through milestones of heartache and challenges.

We believe that we have created a wonderful opportunity to keep our conversations going. So we will continue to build this repository to bring knowledge to mums, and ensure that they have a hands-on guide to solutions available in local context, to be a partner in a mother's success.

Support LoveSGmums

The LoveSGmum’s platform is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We are very fortunate to have a group of volunteers willing to build this journey with us. We also have the support of a number of patrons that back and guide our cause in championing solutions and expanding a knowledge base for mums to thrive in Singapore.

Our vision is to allow every mother in Singapore to reduce her learning curve, help her succeed in fiscal excellence, which will allow her to focus on family to build our future generations for a stronger Singapore.a