5 projects to remember the precious moments

Updated: Mar 15

As a new mum, there are so many new and magical moments that your newfound bundle of joy will give you - the first “mama” or “dada”, the moment they learn to flip, sit, stand, walk, and all the smiles that just melt your heart.

If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to preserve these memories, here are 5 simple projects to aid the future you in reminiscing about these precious moments.

Handprint and footprint artwork

This involves using your baby’s handprint and footprint as the design for various forms of artwork, be it a clay model, painting, T-shirts, or even flower pots.

You’ll definitely want to look for paint that is non-toxic and natural as kids are at an age where almost anything they touch comes into contact with their mouth.

Baby Memento Box

Baby Memento Boxes are intricate, customized boxes used to store baby’s keepsakes such as their hospital wristband, the first set of clothes they wore, their first tooth, a baby journal, or anything of significance such as the first birthday card or red packet they receive.

Fill it up from time to time, and take a trip down memory lane whenever you open it for years to come.

Scrapbook Journal

Choose a nice scrapbook, arm yourself with a polaroid, and start a scrapbook journal with at least one picture per entry. Take a picture at every significant event, paste in the photo, and pen down your thoughts to relive the feels every time you read it in the future.

You can also make it a joint project by having your child join in the design, be it doodling and coloring the page before you start, or stamping a handprint at the same corner for every entry to visualize how fast they grow as you flip the pages.

Baby Photoshoot

While you can always take photos of your own, sometimes it just simply feels better to get professionals to showcase your baby in a new light.

Baby photoshoots not only allow you to get pictures in high quality, but the studios are also usually equipped with a variety of props and costumes for creative and beautiful shots of your precious little one.

Photo & Video Logs

This is the most common and effective way to record memorable events in your baby’s growing-up journey.

With phone cameras being as good as they are these days, it is easy to just whip out your phone and get quality pics and vids.

All you need is an external hard drive with enough memory to store all your pictures and videos and the energy to sift through thousands of photos to filter and organize them into appropriate folders.

Alternatively, you can create private accounts for your child on social media such as Facebook and Instagram to store the photos in organized albums. This also allows for easy sharing with family and close friends.

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