Are mushrooms really good for nursing mums?

Updated: Mar 23

For nursing mums especially, mushrooms are a great source of beta-glucan, a main lactogenic food that raises prolactin, a hormone that promotes breast milk production.

While nursing your newborn, it is normal not to be active, and out in the sun absorbing all that wonderful sun for vitamin D. Apart from fortified foods, mushrooms are the only non-animal source of vitamin D that we can easily access.

It is important to maintain enough vitamin D in your diet because it helps regulate calcium absorption into your own body. When breastfeeding, your body can leech calcium from your consumption and your bones to provide for your baby.

Vitamin D and calcium deficiency would then affect your bone density and cause osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Your baby needs all the Vitamin D and Calcium that you can load up into your diet so that your breast milk is nutritious for your baby’s growing needs. And mushrooms are just the perfect addition to your dietary needs.

Mushrooms are very safe to eat, easy to cook and all that flavor comes from the wonderful umami present in mushrooms to enhance just about anything you cook it with.

Check out the chilled vegetable sections in your neighborhood to find a large section of locally farmed mushrooms ready to supercharge your meals with mushrooms.

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