Can I take a shower during confinement?

Updated: Mar 17

The answer is yes, and please do.

For Chinese mums, we sometimes hear our elders tell us not to wash our hair or even shower during the first month of confinement, claiming that it would allow “cold wind” to enter our bodies, causing us issues such as headaches and rheumatism when we grow older.

This piece of advice is believed to be passed down from the northern parts of China many many years back when houses were not very insulated against winds and water cannot really be kept warm for a long time in these colder areas.

While this may have been helpful advice at that time, the circumstances surrounding it make it invalid for our local mums here in modern-day Singapore, a hot and humid country where it is easy to obtain heated water for showers.

Mums are advised to maintain basic hygiene, especially as they will be constantly in close contact with their newborns.

So there is no need to endure that uncomfortable stickiness and hygiene worries when breastfeeding, just stick to your usual shower routine.

In fact, many mums enjoy taking herbal baths for their healing and calming properties.

Do avoid colds by:

  • Taking short showers with warm water

  • Drying your hair and body as soon as possible after showering

  • Turning the air conditioner off some time prior to showering

  • Closing all the windows in the room to avoid wind

So go ahead to enjoy your bath and keep both your baby and yourself healthy and clean.

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