Citizens' idea to serve maternity mums local produce becomes reality at Thomson Medical Centre

Updated: Mar 17

July 2020, amidst a raging Covid19 pandemic, 50 diverse citizens of all backgrounds and ages came together through virtual meetings during lockdowns to come up with exciting ideas to increase demand for local produce.

One of the six groups formed, started with an assumption that mums are more open to buying better and healthier food options for the family.

The idea now comes in the form of the LoveSGmums meal, one of two projects selected for piloting at Thomson Medical Center (TMC).

Meals will be served come 18th March 2022, providing delicious meals cooked using local produce for post-partum mums for a period of 3 months.

Information on the meal and where to buy local produce will come through a handout that is served together with the meal.

The LoveSGmums team feels that creating an opportunity to communicate with mums at this very significant point in their lives would hopefully guide their considerations to what they buy in the future.

Two key points were raised that connect the value of local produce to a mother.

First, locally harvested produce travels less distance, ensuring that food maintains its freshness and nutrition.

Secondly, the stringent regulations expected by concerned mums are set in place by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to ensure that food is produced by our local farms are safe for their family.

Three meals were then designed by celebrity Chef Justin Foo will be added to the menu for selection at TMC.

Additionally, all other meals that can include local produce will use local produce, allowing all mums to have the chance to enjoy their special meals.

The team also developed a mum-centric website, with content focused on helping assist mums through motherhood.
Aside from being a repository with parenting tips, daily solutions, and deals and promotions.

The team also plans to use the platform to focus more on the mental well-being of mums, noting the heightened stress levels due to the pandemic which may affect mums more as they transit into a new phase in life.

Ruan Lim, Project Lead for the LoveSGmums meal says, ”The modern woman is more empowered to make decisions. They work, look after families and decide on the family’s health, nutrition, and purchasing culture.

All these responsibilities can bring a lot of pressures that we hope can alleviate.

Great conversations begin with a meal, so we hope to continue these conversations after the LoveSGmums meal to help more mothers in Singapore however we can.”

The project aims to continue beyond the pilot. If families see value in our Singapore farms through this program, then the pilot may continue to be a permanent outreach program.

Singapore’s 30 by 30 initiative (30% locally farmed produce by 2030) is a challenge for a land-scarce country.

If we can’t get demand up, all efforts to scale up production will be in vain.

And if our very own locals do not support our farms, who else will?

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