How do you tell if the produce is from a local farm?

Updated: Mar 17

Buying local produce grown by our very own local farms do have many many wonderful benefits. We have very strong food safety protocols and traceable systems in place to ensure the farms follow strict regulations put in place by our authorities like the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

With food going into our bodies, we want to make sure the food is freshly harvested so it retains nutrient density. And local produce does not travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers, stored for long periods of time before being served for our consumption.

SFA unveiled the design of this new logo on 10 February 2020, at the launch of the ‘Singapore Food Story’, which outlined the nation’s strategies in ensuring food security via: (1) local production, (2) source diversification, and (3) expansion of our companies into overseas markets. Read more about this in Levelling up food supply resilience or visit

You can play your part to support locally farmed produce. The next time you're shopping for groceries online or at the supermarkets, look out for the SG Fresh Produce badges on the packaging or displayed next to fish, eggs, leafy vegetables and more.

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