What does a Chinese confinement nanny do?

Updated: Mar 15

A confinement program is a cultural requirement for a Chinese family.

It is common in Singapore that confinement nannies are hired to assist the mother throughout the confinement period.

A nanny’s main role is to provide help and care for the new mum and baby. This usually includes:

For Babies:

  • Bathing the baby

  • Feeding the baby (if bottle-fed)

  • Changing diapers

  • Keeping a log on feeding times and diaper changes

  • Putting the baby to sleep

  • Caring and attending to the baby

  • Washing and cleaning the baby’s clothes and milk bottles

For Mums:

  • Preparing herbal baths

  • Brewing confinement herbal tonics

  • Cooking nourishing confinement food

  • Occasional domestic chores such as sweeping and mopping

  • Giving advice on how to look after baby and postpartum recovery

A good confinement nanny helps a lot in the transition to motherhood, and may even help prevent postpartum depression by helping mums feel less lost, helpless, and sleep-deprived.

It is strongly advised to do your research (recommendations from friends and families, reviews from forums, short interviews) before deciding on your confinement nanny.

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