Why do shells stick to hard boiled eggs?

Updated: Mar 23

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Peeling a hard-boiled egg can be a real pain when the shell sticks to the egg inside. Some days they come off beautifully and you can use them for your braised egg recipes. Other days, the shells stick stubbornly to the egg white.

You may have tried knocking it all over, peeling underwater, and still bits of egg white stick to the eggshell chips, and your expectation of a beautiful shiny firm egg is riddled with holes.

Fact: Shells stick to eggs because the eggs are too fresh!

So let us give you some tips and tricks on how to cook the perfect hard-boiled eggs:

Age your eggs

As eggs age, the natural protective coating wears off which allows carbon dioxide to permeate into the egg. This causes the pH level to rise, and the membrane is less likely to bond to the egg white when cooking.


  • Keep eggs for at least 7 to 10 days before firing up to boil

  • Purchase 2 packs of 10s so you can make omelets and scrambled eggs with the fresh eggs and wit for the next pack to age before using.

  • Add ½ a tsp of bicarbonate soda to increase the PH of the water when boiling.

  • Cool the eggs down completely in tap water

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