Why is it safer to consume Pasteurised Eggs?

Updated: Mar 23

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Pasteurization is a process where food products are mildly heated to kill off any bacteria to make food safe to eat.

Touching contaminated eggs may also risk the chance of cross-contaminating other foods due to improper handling and inadequate handwashing during food preparation.

The process reduces the chance of food poisoning, especially from pathogens like salmonella or even possible bird flu contamination.

As the eggs heat up in the warm water bath, enzymes in the bacteria denature, rendering the pathogen useless and unable to infect our bodies. Heat will also damage bacterial cell walls, and as fluid in the bacteria expands as the heat increases, every nasty little pathogen will actually burst and be annihilated.

In fact, when the processes from the heat treatment to packing are handled properly, pasteurized eggs are perfectly safe to eat raw.

Pasteurized eggs are perfect for foods prepared part or wholly raw, so you can enjoy runny half-boiled eggs, protein shakes, even homemade mayonnaise without worry.

Such eggs are especially perfect for higher risk people like kids, the elderly, expectant mothers, patients recovering from illness, and especially those who are immunocompromised.

So enjoy this fantastic protein, worry-free when you feed your family eggs in the future.

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